Download /BriefCase 3 Toolkit

/BriefCase Source Configuration Management System is distributed in
source form, per the GNU General Public License (GPL).  

*** 2018/07/31  - /BriefCase Release 3.6-Beta1 Released *** 

 1 - Fixes several problems when running a /BriefCase server on a
     FreeNAS file server.

 2 - Fixes some old bugs in the /BriefCase/testing suite.

*** 2014/08/19  - /BriefCase Release 3.5-Beta3b Released *** 

Release 3.5-beta3b fixes some minor bugs found in Rel 3.5-beta3, and
introduces the vgrep command to identify which revisions/release(s)
of a file match a .

Download the distro: Rel_3_5-beta3b.tar (2 MB) 

/BriefCase Rel_3_5-beta3* releases consist of a tar file of a complete
/BriefCase distribution.  This release fixes some subtle bugs, as well as
some less-subtle user-reported problems, and contains some enhancements
to the /BriefCase self-test scripts located in the /BriefCase/testing

Specific problems fixed in Rel_3_5-beta3 include:

 - Housekeeping: some /BriefCase commands failed to remove certain work
   files or directories from the remote and/or local /Stage area(s).  These
   scripts have been fixed, and a facility to test for lingering /Stage
   files has been added to the /BriefCase/testing suite.

 - Under some conditions, some commands failed to populate create proper
   /Stage directories.  These scripts have been fixed by adding "ntree"
   commands (which create the /Stage directories), where appropriate.

 - Korn Shell dependencies have been eliminated

 - New & improved self-test scripts include: t_DOSfmt, t_stage, t_misc,

 - as well as a number of fixes for problems reported by users - MANY
   thanks to them for their patience!
The [ReleaseName].tar file contains the files: [ReleaseName].tgz README INSTALL versions.html updates.html Extracting the .tgz file creates a subdirectory named ./[ReleaseName], which contains the complete /BriefCase directory tree. Read the README and INSTALL files for installation details. INSTALLATION NOTE: the BCconfig file in this distribution is the default BCconfig file for a /BriefCase server system. If you are upgrading from a previous release of /BriefCase, copy the BCconfig file from the working /BriefCase directory into the ./[ReleaseName] directory. --------------------------------------------------- One script file, /BriefCase/ncoall, has been "deprecated" (due to some complaints about its being deleted in the CYGWIN distribution), so if you plan to copy this distribution to a Windows client, you will need to remove or rename ncoall to avoid a (Windows) namespace collision between "ncoall" and the improved "ncoAll" script before copying (the underlying Windows OS does not differentiate between upper and lower case letters in filenames).