A discussion of /BriefCase in my "post-retirement" world:

Since retiring in 2003, /BriefCase has been in "maintenance mode", 
which means that bugs will be fixed, commands may be added as need be,
and maintenance releases will be published at www.applied-cs-inc.com.

/BriefCase was designed to support "big" software development projects,
e.g.:  those with thousands of files, spread across many levels of
subdirectories, and in need of periodic major releases, minor update
releases, and bug fixes to previous releases, and one-off releases for
"special" customers.

Since retirement, my projects have tended to be much smaller, and many
of the advanced capabilities of /BriefCase put on the back burner.
However, I continue to use /BriefCase to great advantage managing those
small projects.

In addition to the basic benefits of revision control:

1 - /BriefCase makes it easy to work from multiple client hosts,
use special trailing chars (e.g. "%") on top-level project directory
to allow file locks to indicate which host holds the lock.  This is
most useful when developing software for multiple target systems, or
editing/updating files from several hosts.  The key to easy use is to
check in modifications as you complete them, so if you happen to be at
a different client host when you want to modify again, you just ncol
from there.  If you didn't check in the last update, the lock indicates
which client host needs to check in the file before making more changes!

2 - /BriefCase implements a central repository that simplifies
comprehensive automatic backup to other/remote hosts, or backup
to removable media.