=============== PRESS RELEASES ==========================

2022/07/26 Radford, VA - /BriefCase 3.6.a1 a quick fix for win11/cygwin

2022/05/07 Radford, Virginia - /BriefCase 3.6.a released, finally!
Release 3.6.a contains numerous bug fixes for csh/tcsh users, enhanced
installation test scripts (in /BriefCase/testing) and other bug fixes
including the nci -p flag:

   The -p flag is provided to set/start a new major revision, e.g. to
    move from revision 1.xxx to 2.1.  When the -p flag is specified,
    the RCS revision number immediately preceeding the file date in the
    ident header.  For example, the 1.4 in:

      #ident : /projRCS/BCdev/src/vkompare,v 1.4 2020/07/18 \
           17:18:17 dmk%leno Exp 

    is set as the new RCS revision number.  See the RCS ci command's '-k'
    flag description for more info. 

along with couple new commands like nciUndo (which is handy if you check
in an update "prematurely":

Usage: nciUndo [-b ]    # undo nci of tip [branch] revision

      Undo the tip revision check in (except rev 1.1), lock its
      predecessor and make the working  writable; as if the
      nci had not been done.  nciUndo is intended primarily to recover 
      from an nci made in error/haste. It will not "undo" check-ins
      of non-tip revisions or tagged tip revisions.  

      By default, nciUndo operates on the main revision trunk.  The -b
       flag specifies a branch on which to operate.  Branch names
      have an odd number of elements, e.g. "-b 1.9.3" specifies the 3rd
      branch off revision 1.9.

      Use the show_branches command to display the branches of
      a file.

and some general cleanup.  After installation, view the
/opt/BCase/updates.html file with your web browser for details.


2019/05/30 Radford, Virginia - /BriefCase 3.6 Beta 1 released
Release 3.6 Beta 1 incorporates minor bug fixes and a handy new

Usage: vgrep '' [-r range] filename ...

    Searches file revisions for lines matching .  On finding
    a match, the file name, revision number, and the matching lines in
    that revision are written to stdout.

    A range like rev1:rev2 includes revisions rev1 thru rev2 on the
    same branch, :rev means revisions from the beginning of the branch
    up to and including rev, and rev: includes revisions starting  with
    rev  to the end of the branch containing rev.  An argument that is
    a branch includes all revisions on that branch.  A range of branches
    includes all revisions on the branches in that range.

    Since files' numeric revision ranges may differ, they may be less
    useful when specifying multiple files.  Ranges specified using tag
    names, may be more useful when searchimg multiple files.

This release is fully supported for CYGWIN (Windows) clients.    


2006/12/05 Radford, Virginia - ASCi releases /BriefCase(tm)
3.5-Beta-2.1-CYGWIN for Windows clients.  Note that this release differs
only slightly (minor changes to two files) from the standard 3.5-Beta-2.1
release (for Unix/Linux/Solaris systems).  See the "Download" page
for details.


2005/03/10 Radford, Virginia - ACSi releases
the /BriefCase 3 toolkit: 3.5-Beta-2.1, a major upgrade 
with many new features and bug fixes.  See the "Download"
page for details.  This release obsoletes all previous releases.


1999/4/30  - Cave Creek, Arizona - ACSi's /BriefCase(tm) 3.0 SCM
Toolkit Released to OpenSource

As part of their commitment to the OpenSource movement,  Ap-
plied Computer Sciences, inc. (ACSi) has announced the Open-
Source availability of /BriefCase(tm) Release 3.0,  their  ad-
vanced,  enterprise  Software Configuration Management (SCM)
solution for Unix/Linux software development, for free down-
load from their Website:


/BriefCase(tm) 3 runs on most Unix/Linux systems with the gen-
erally available versions of the Korn Shell (11/88) and  awk

Since  1992, ACSi has offered the /BriefCase Toolkit as an
advanced SCM solution for Unix software development environ-
ments.  Like prior releases, release 3 implements an easy to
use client/server interface to an RCS-based central  reposi-
tory.   Project  directory  structure integrity is preserved
automatically  through  built-in   work-directory/repository
mapping.   /BriefCase administration overhead is typically
so low that even large operations do not need a  "full-time"
/BriefCase  administrator  - contrasting sharply with com-
mercial SCM packages!

Although /BriefCase was designed for  large  organizations
with  teams of developers working on multiple products (pro-
jects), today's OpenSource developers should  find  its  ad-
vanced  capabilities equally useful and its minimal adminis-
trative overhead appealing.

Major Enhancements in Release 3 include:

  1.  full documentation -  installation  instructions,  up-
      grade  guidelines  plus  a  170+  page,  indexed book:
      /BriefCase Release 3 Software Configuration  Manage-
      ment   Toolkit   Reference   and   User's   Guide,  in
      PostScript, HP-PCL and ASCII text formats.

  2.  project work tree "replicas" - isolate  bug  fix  work
      for  the  production release from new feature develop-
      ment by working in separate project replicas

  3.  cross-replica and cross-client-host lock  integrity  -
      /BriefCase  locks  are  based  on  a  combination of
      userid, work directory replica ID and client hostname

  4.  improved Branch Revision and merge support  -  simpli-
      fies  management of maintenance releases, parallel de-
      velopment and CVS-like "vendor branches"

  5.  private tags - users can now assign "private" symbolic
      tags  manually  or at checkin; regular tags remain re-
      stricted to admin users

  6.  Command Behavior Options (CBO) - certain  command  be-
      haviors  may  be  enabled,  restricted or disabled, by

  7.  Product Life-Cycle Support  -  helps  promote  runtime
      package releases from development, through QA/Test, to

  8.  Import/Conversion Tools -  scripts  and  utilities  to
      help  convert/import  SCM archives from CVS, RCS, SCCS
      and PVCS.

/BriefCase 3 is the only OpenSource, RCS-based SCM package
known  to  support project work tree replication with cross-
replica/client-host lock integrity and  both  administrative
and private user tag mechanisms.

Since 1988, ACSi has provided expert software design, devel-
opment, consulting and training services to  the  Unix/Linux
software  development  industry.  For information on service
quotations, including  /BriefCase  support,  training  and
customization contracts, please contact:

Applied Computer Sciences, inc.
PO Box 394
Radford, VA 24141
Attn: Contract Services
(voice) 540-639-2361
(email) admin@applied-cs-inc.com

/BriefCase(tm)  is an original work by David M. Knight, Presi-
dent and CTO of Applied Computer Sciences, inc.