/BriefCase 3 Toolkit

Software Development and Configuration Management
Now FREE from Applied Computer Sciences, inc.

The /BriefCase 3 Toolkit expands the basic capabilities of the Revision
Control System (RCS) commands to manage software system component revisions
throughout their development, release and maintenance life-cycles.

As part of their commitment to the OpenSource movement, Applied Computer Sciences, inc. (ACSi) has announced the OpenSource availability of /BriefCase Release 3, their advanced, enterprise Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution for Unix/Linux software development, for free download from their Website:
2022/07/26 - /BriefCase Release 3.6.a1 fixes vget and a couple testing scripts for Win11/Cygwin users.

2022/05/07 - /BriefCase Release 3.6.a contains some major bug fixes for csh users, feature-specific documentation (as PDFs) in the /BrieCase/docs/TechNotes directory, enhanced installation test scripts (in /BriefCase/testing) and more cleanunp.

2019/05/30 - /BriefCase Release 3.6 Beta 1 contains some minor bug fixes, feature-specific documentation in the /BrieCase/docs/TechNotes directory, and a general cleanunp.

2017/08/25 - /BriefCase Release 3.6 Beta to be released soon. Contains numerous bug fixes and a major enhancement to simplify work in named branches (instead of the main trunk). Please take a look at workingWithBranches.pdf, a short review of /BriefCase concepts & usage and a discussion of the new named branch features.

2014/08/18 - /BriefCase 3 (3.5-beta3b) runs on most Unix/Linux systems which provide the generally available versions of the Bourne, BASH or Korn Shell (c. 11/88) and the "new" awk (c. 1985), gawk, or "nawk", on Solaris systems. Release 3 cleans up a lot of subtle problems impacting mostly users who switch among various repositories (using either the BC_PRIVATE or BC_REPOSITORY environment variables), improves housekeeping to eliminate lingering files in the /Stage area(s), and resolves a number of user-reported problems. The regression test suite (in /BriefCase/testing) has been upgraded to test for those situations Since the Cygwin product has become almost 100% compatible with the Unix/Linux environment, and the /BriefCase Windows Client support is 100% compatible with the Unix/Linux client code, Windows Client support has been incorporated into the general /BriefCase product build, and hence into the latest /BriefCase download. There is still no fancy GUI, nor is there likely to be, and you still have to install most of the Cygwin package, but that is just the way it is...

Since 1992, ACSi has offered the /BriefCase Toolkit as an advanced
SCM solution for Unix software development environments. Like prior releases,
release 3 implements an easy to use client/server interface to an RCS-based
central repository.  Project directory structure integrity is preserved
automatically through built-in work-directory/repository mapping.
/BriefCase administration overhead is typically so low that even large
operations do not need a "full-time" /BriefCase administrator - contrasting
sharply with commercial SCM packages!

/BriefCase commands provide comprehensive, easy-to-use support for - Project Organization, Revision Control and Release Management - Central Repository Management of shared project files - Client/server support for multiple developers - Easy isolation of bug-fix work from enhancement work - Branch Revisions and Merging - Integrated product build facility based on "Make" - Integrated defect/enhancement tracking - Software Release Life-Cycle Management
Although /BriefCase was designed for large organizations with teams of developers working on multiple products (projects), today's OpenSource developers should find its advanced capabilities equally useful and its minimal administrative overhead appealing.
Major Enhancements in Release 3 include:
- full documentation - installation instructions, upgrade guidelines plus a 170+ page, indexed book: \fI/BriefCase\(tm Release 3 Software Configuration Management Toolkit Reference and User's Guide\fP, in PostScript, HP-PCL and ASCII text formats.
- project work tree "replicas" - isolate bug fix work for the production release from new feature development by working in separate project replicas
- cross-replica and cross-client-host lock integrity - /BriefCase locks are based on a combination of userid, work directory replica ID and client hostname.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: to preserve integrity of cross-host locking, the last character of the profect work directory or work replica directory name must be one of DIRSEPS='[.%+=]' as defined in /BriefCase/BCfunclib. For example: "~/myProj%", "~/myProj.test=", "~/foo+", "~/foo+work3%".
- improved Branch Revision and merge support - simplifies management of maintenance releases, parallel development and CVS-like "vendor branches"
- private tags - users can now assign "private" symbolic tags manually or at checkin; regular tags remain restricted to admin users
- Command Behavior Options (CBO) - certain command behaviors may be enabled, restricted or disabled, by project
- Product Life-Cycle Support - helps promote runtime package releases from development, through QA/Test, to Production
- Import/Conversion Tools - scripts and utilities to help convert/import SCM archives from CVS, RCS, SCCS and PVCS.
/BriefCase has been in use since 1990, with a proven track record on major projects for such companies as Dial Corp, Southern New England Telephone Company, and American Express. /BriefCase is a flexible tool with inherent value for Development efforts of all sizes. /BriefCase Release 3 is distributed in source form, per the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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Since 1988, ACSi has provided expert software design, development, consulting and training services to the Unix/Linux software development industry. For information on service quotations, including /BriefCase\(tm support, training and customization contracts, please contact ACSi at:
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